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Middleton House Solar Farm will be developed by ESB Solar Ireland , a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB.

At ESB, we have been Ireland's foremost energy company since our establishment in 1927. We are driven to make a difference by achieving zero carbon emissions by 2040. Our commitment to providing clean, affordable and reliable energy directly supports the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9 and 16. Read more about our Driven to Make a Difference: Net Zero by 2040 here .

We are a strong, diversified utility operating right across the electricity market: from generation, through transmission and distribution, to supply. We also work in other related sectors where we can make a difference, including telecommunications, electric vehicle charging, home retrofits and more.

At ESB, we believe that electricity is a social good that should be accessible and affordable for all. We also believe in acting with integrity and transparency, protecting the world around us and creating an inclusive and flexible culture that protects and empowers people. Across our diverse range of businesses, we use our capability and expertise to develop smart and sustainable energy solutions to tackle climate change, one of the biggest challenges facing society today.

By delivering reliable, affordable and sustainable solutions for a zero-carbon world, we continue to transform lives and enable social and economic progress and change. This is our purpose.

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Solar at ESB

Solar has become one of the most popular sources of renewable energy, offering a zero-carbon solution that delivers a significant return on investment, with the ability to scale.

Benefits of Solar

  • 100% Renewable Solution
  • Significant Cost and Carbon Savings
  • Works in All Weather
  • Scalable and Adaptable

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